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Required Equipment


All students must have and wear a uniform (dobok) and belt (dhee) to classes, tests, and ceremonies. A dobok can be purchased from one of the masters. Uniforms should be kept clean and in good repair.

If your uniform is too big, please have it hemmed. Rolled up sleeves and pants legs do not stay up and pose a hazard for students (fingernails get stuck, children trip). McLean Valet (across from Safeway at 1353-B Chain Bridge Road, McLean, 703-821-1653) can hem uniforms and sew on patches for reasonable prices.


All school uniforms are required to have three patches. The school patch is to be worn on the left side of the front of the uniform, over the heart. The USA flag patch is worn on the upper arm part of the left sleeve, closest to the heart. The Korean flag patch is worn on the upper arm part of the right sleeve. Patches may be purchased from one of the masters.

Korean masters in the US wear the Korean flag patch on their left and the US flag patch on their right -- the opposite of US citizens. If you are not a US citizen, you may wear a patch with the flag of your country in place of the US flag.

Sparring Equipment

All students above the rank of white belt must have sparring equipment. This protective gear is required by U.S. Tae Kwon Do regulations and is necessary for the safety of the students. Sparring equipment must be worn at belt tests and should be worn to all sparring classes.

Required sparring equipment includes a chest protector, headgear, shin/instep protectors, and forearm protectors. Males must wear groin protectors. Mouth guards are recommended. Equipment can be purchased from one of the masters.

We recommend that students who must wear glasses while sparring speak to their eyeglass professional about safety glasses or goggles.

Optional Equipment

There are other items you may buy, including t-shirts, gym bags, patches, jump ropes, and pins. Many can be seen in the display case. See one of the masters if you are interested in purchasing any of these items.