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The following tables list some of the requirements for promotion.* You will also be tested on basic kicks and punches, sparring, kicking combinations, etc. After first dan black belt, several level (gup) tests are required before the next belt test can be taken. You or your parents should discuss higher level tests with Master Kim.

Between tests, students are awarded "tapes" when they have mastered a technique for the next test. When a student has earned all the tapes, he will be invited to test. The tape colors and their meanings are:

  • Yellow: breaking technique
  • Green: poomse
  • Blue: kicking combination
  • Red: sparring technique
  • Black: TKD attitude and attendance

You can click on the underlined areas of the table below for more details. There are also photos and videos of all taegeuk and blackbelt poomse on the Kukkiwon's poomsae web page. If you want to watch the video, you will need to register with the site. A high speed internet connection and Internet Explorer work best.

Current belt Poomse Break
White Kibon hana Hammer fist
High white Kibon dool Knife hand
Yellow Taegeuk il jong Front snap kick
Orange Taegeuk e jong Axe kick
Green Taegeuk sam jong Round house kick
Purple Taegeuk sa jong Side kick
Low blue Taegeuk o jong Back kick
High blue Taegeuk o jong Step forward back kick
Red Taegeuk yuk jong Spin hook kick
Brown Taegeuk chil jong Step forward spin hook kick
High brown Taegeuk pal jong Tornado round house kick
Bo black Taegeuk 1-8 Jump side kick
Jump front snap kick
Free hand break and kick

Current belt Combination kicks
White 1. Front snap kick + front snap kick
2. Front snap kick + axe kick
High white 1. Axe kick + out-to-in axe kick
2. Axe kick + in-to-out axe kick
Yellow 1. Front snap kick + round house kick
2. Round house kick + high round house kick
Orange 1. Round house kick + side kick
2. Side kick + quick side kick
Green 1. Round house kick + back kick
2. Round house kick + step forward back kick
Purple 1. Front snap kick + round house kick + hook kick
2. Front snap kick + round house kick + quick hook kick
Light blue 1. Round house kick + high round house + spin hook kick
2. Round house kick + high round house + step forward spin hook kick
Dark blue 1. Quick round house kick + round house + back turn round house kick
2. Quick round house kick + round house + tornado round house kick
Red 1. Round house kick + tornado round + double round house kick
2. Round house kick + back kick + double round house kick
Brown White belt - green belt combination kicks
High brown Purple belt - red belt combination kicks
Bo black All belts combination kicks
Black 1st dan 1. Slide back + round house + tornado round + back kick
2. Slide back + double round house + round house + spin hook kick
Black 2nd dan 1. Cut with jump round + double round + quick kick + tornado round kick
2. Slide back + round house + back kick + cut with jump back kick
Black 3rd dan 1. Turn back round house + slide back + double round house +
quick kick + cut with jump spin hook kick
2. Slide forward + slide back + double round + axe + round house +
tornado round + spin back hook kick

* Updated March 26, 2011:

  • Both high and low blue belts will be tested on Taegeuk o jong.
  • Master Kim no longer requires children under age 7 to demonstrate poomse at belt tests.
  • All students should know the 10 basic movements.
  • High belts should memorize the 10 commandments of taekwondo and should know how to begin and end class and count to ten in Korean.
  • The Kibon poomse for white and high white belts is not required at this time.