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Dojang Rules

Before coming to school

  • Keep your uniform and equipment neat and clean.
  • Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed short.
  • If you have long hair, tie it back.
  • Make sure you have your uniform, belt, and any equipment you need (sparring gear, jump rope, nunchaku).

Arriving at school

  • Be on time for class.
  • Sign the attendance sheet in the waiting room.
  • Remove all jewelry, including watches, rings, neck chains, and earrings.
  • Remove shoes before entering the dojang.
  • Place shoes on shelves or in the changing room; do not leave them where they may cause someone to trip.
  • If you arrive early, stretch or practice in the second studio. Do not disturb the class that is already in progress.
  • If you arrive late, enter the dojang and kneel on one knee near the entrance until the instructor invites you to join the class.
  • Bow to the master and the flags upon entering and leaving the dojang.

In the dojang

  • Address the masters, instructors, and adults as "sir" or "ma'am".
  • Always reply and keup (yell) loudly. This shows confidence.
  • Keep safety in mind at all times. No horseplay.
  • Maintain your focus when training. Ignore what others are doing.
  • Refrain from idle conversation while practicing.
  • Do not spar without the instructor's approval and supervision.
  • Avoid signals of disrespect, such as standing with your hands on your hips or arms crossed in front of your chest.
  • Do not chew gum or eat.

Responsible conduct

  • Videotaping or photographing in dressing rooms or restrooms is prohibited.
  • Use Tae Kwon Do only for self-defense!
  • Never use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, foul language, or disruptive behavior.
  • Exhibit good behavior at all times.
  • Work hard in school and maintain good grades.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Show respect to the masters, instructors, and other black belts.
  • Remember that the master decides when students are ready for their next exam.

Tae Kwon Do etiquette provides everyone with a fun experience and a safe place to practice.